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As the Raven Flies

I love Thursdays.  There are many reasons, and some of them make sense only to me, but I love Thursdays.  Yesterday took a day I already love and made it even better.

I spent the afternoon with the Olathe Northwest Raven Repertory Theatre class.  … A little catch up for those of you new to the blog:  Three years ago, my good friend Robin asked if I wanted to try an artistic experiment with her.  Robin is one of the best high school theatre teachers I’ve ever seen.  She can get performances out of students that I would not have believed possible; I am often moved and typically impressed by the ONW theatre productions.  Our experiment was a success, and I am entering my third year as artist-in-residence for the repertory theatre class.  Two years ago they performed a collection of my short one-acts and last year I wrote a play specifically for them.  For the record, I start looking forward to the coming year as soon as the show closes.

Yesterday I went to the school to see the students present monologues.  I was blown away.  Actors returning from last year who were already good had grown exponentially, and several of the new students far exceeded any expectations.  These kids are good.  They made me laugh, they made me cry, and a few of them took my breath away.  I am thrilled.  And intimidated.  How can I possibly be up to the task of writing something good enough for them?  But they believe in me.  And so I will put on my big girl panties, pray really hard, and find a way to be up to the task.

I love my life.

The Wheel Turns….

Ever so gently, but still.  I am an autumn girl.  I love it.  I long for it.  And today reminded me that the Wheel is finally turning my way.  On my morning walk the dawn bugs were still out full force (I had to turn up my music), most of the street lamps were still on, and I had the park to myself.  Beautiful.

Fall makes me happy.  What makes you happy?

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