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Today was a good day….

And it’s not even over yet!  Who knows what wonder awaits as the sun sets and we wind down for the day.  I have so much to share from the past couple of weeks.  But here is a taste, just from today:

Today I witnessed the beginnings of life…..

Every day during my 2nd week in Germany, I walked in the hills.  I always ended up at a little pond, where I sat and wrote in my journal.  The pond was full of frogs.  Many of them appeared to be wrestling.

Last week was so full that I didn’t get my walk in, but I was back at it today.  I got to my pond and walked around the shoreline, but saw no frogs at all.

What I did see were hundreds of eggs, each containing the beginnings of a tadpole.  And other new life, sprouting on the banks.  So cool.

Today a complete stranger told me that I must be a good person because her dog came right up and greeted me….. 

For some reason, this delighted me.  I am talking about a grin that started at my toes and worked it’s way up and out the top of my head.

Today I skipped through the leaves along a path in the hills…..

Do you remember skipping?  I had forgotten how much fun it can be.  In an instant my heart lightened, my lips curved up into a smile, and laughter bubbled up from deep within.  I think I need to skip more often.

What did you do today?

Life is Good

Life is good.

Even if the day weren’t gorgeous, life would be good. (But it is, so life is even better.) My recording project is rocking right along. We’ll soon be finished with instrumental tracks and moving on to vocals, which means I will soon be the new whipping girl at the studio. We don’t use no stinking AutoTune at LA Audio. I have to actually sing my songs right and well. And they’ll make me keep going until I do! Still, I won’t trade the process for anything. I love being in the studio. With all its tedium, hard work, and lack of glamour, I love it. View Full Article »

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